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For Ever ₹ 100 Spent

Processor 4th Gen Core i5 Processor or Latest

Display 54.61(or higher) cm Full HD IPS LED

Operating System windows 8.1/10 or latest.Dedicated Graphic memory2GB.

Hard disk drive ITB, System memory 4GB DDR3

DVD: DVD Recordable (with DVD Playback & Burner Software)

Networking: Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Intel

Keyboard: Full Size - US English

Pointing device: Optical Mouse with Scroll Button Speakers: Internal speaker

Power cord: Line Cord — US.Video adapter: Integrated Video

Intel Audio adapter: Integrated Audio Intel with UPS: 750VA


CPU: 32/64 Bit i3/i5/i7 or latest processor,

Speed: 3 GHz or Higher.

RAM:-4 GB DDR-III or Higher,

Wi-Fi Enabled. Network Card: Integrated Gigabit Ethernet,

Monitor - 17 Inch. Licensed Operating System

USB Mouse, USB Keyboard and

Antivirus compatible with trade related software.

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